Almost every Jordan releases are sold out every Saturday (releases are almost always on Saturday). Even several days before release there are people stand in line at the retail limited sneaker stores to get these limited Jordans.

The demand is more than supply and since there are more people wanting it than actually produced they are more expensive on the market. This also goes for Yeezys, Adidas NMDS, Palace, Supreme and others.

The popularity of the Jordan brand and the social status makes the brand popular.

Michael Jordan, as a brand, far transcended the man, the sport, and the merchandise. He dominated in a era before attention of the 24 news cycle and the cynicism of the internet. He hit a sweet spot of celebrity and television coverage and rode that wave to a status few have ever reached.

Thanks to Michael Jordan’s illustrious career on and off the court, many of his signature shoes come attached with a wonderful narrative parts of Jordan’s life. Whether it’s the type of cigar he likes to smoke, they infuse his lifestyle into the shoe.

In 1985, Nike launched Air Jordans, a shoe that would forever change the level of play on the basketball court. Michael Jordan did things on the court that no one will be able to replicate.